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There are a lot of things to look for when choosing an addiction recovery facility for yourself or a loved one. An effective drug detox clinic must offer comprehensive solutions and strategies that offer real support and value to those seeking to overcome substance dependency. It also needs to offer a supportive and caring environment that builds the confidence, strength and determination to finish the addiction recovery process.


Our drug rehab center in Roanoke, Virginia are devoted to finding the best ways to help the people struggling overcome their addiction, while offering a compassionate and caring environment that promotes general well-being. New Path Behavioral addresses all of the core concerns associated with rehabilitation to give each of our clients a golden opportunity to make a full recovery.


Getting Sober at Our Clinic

As a drug rehab facility, one of the most important services we offer is supervised detoxification. The mental and physical symptoms of withdrawal can last for days or even weeks after the last dose of an addictive substance, which makes it very difficult for people to accomplish this step on their own. Withdrawal can be extremely stressful and lead to unpredictable changes in mood or behavior.


Rather than struggling through the essential first phase of rehabilitation at home, clients can undergo supervised detox at our clinic for a better chance at success. Our staff members are available to offer support as well as supervision to ensure that progress is smooth and safe. Counselors are also available to talk clients through some of the most difficult parts of the process and help them stay moving towards their goal.


Recovery Programs Tailored to Fit

Personalized treatment yields tangible results. Every client that enters our addiction treatment facility in Roanoke has a different background and circumstances that create unique challenges for them. Understanding each person’s needs, goals and strengths is essential for creating a program that addresses the things that are most important to their rehabilitation.


Our staff interview all of the clients at our Roanoke addiction treatment center to learn more about their professional and personal lives. Counselors also use these sessions to look for signs of potential underlying mental health disorders that may be untreated or lack a formal diagnosis. Many people suffering from addiction face difficulties during rehab due to an underlying condition, which seriously undermines progress if left unchecked.


New Path Behavioral believes that dual diagnosis treatment is critical to giving a person with mental health disorder a real chance at recovery. That’s why our staff encourage those with potential conditions to seek the opinion of a licensed professional who is qualified to formal a diagnosis and treatment.


The Social Element of Recovery

Group discussion and social interaction within a receptive community is one of the most powerful tools in any addiction recovery program. Everyone who participates in these meetings has a chance to talk about a wide range of topics that concern them, especially those related to their struggle with addiction. This provides an opportunity to openly discuss important issues without fear of a critical or hostile response.


Joining in social therapy also allows for personal connections with other clients who may be in a similar situation and can provide insightful conversation. Establishing personal accountability to other parties is a powerful and positive motivational tool for many people. This kind of organic support network forms part of the foundation of the recovery program, forming a strong base that allows clients to build their abstinence towards a life free from substance dependency.


Staying Strong against Addiction

The programs at our addiction recovery center in Roanoke, Virginia aren’t just about getting sober and back to normal life as soon as possible. They are designed to create long-term results and provide ongoing support that helps clients move towards the future that they envision for themselves. Participants in our aftercare or continuing therapies can return to our substance abuse treatment facility to get support, counseling and guidance as needed in the years ahead.