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Whether you’re somebody who has been addicted to drugs for a decade or someone who has just realized that they are dependent on drugs of alcohol, you need professional help from a place like New Path Behavioral our substance abuse treatment facility. This is a brutal, debilitating chronic disease that requires professional and focused assistance that is based completely upon your needs and circumstances. Before you can enroll in the program at our drug rehab center in Kansas City, Missouri, you will need to make sure you have completely eradicated any denial. Coming to terms with your condition is the first step to overcoming your overall addiction and restoring your mental and physical health.


Then, after eliminating any trace of denial, you will come to our Kansas City drug detox clinic for a supervised and professional detox. While your body goes through the process of expelling all toxins from your body, you will go through some symptoms. In order to ensure that you have the best possible detox, you need to be watched over you to make it as safe, comfortable, efficient, and painless as possible. Only when you have eliminated your physical dependence will you be able to move on to working on your mental addiction and health.



After detox, you will begin therapy with a personal counselor. Here you will work with a therapist to start talking about your struggles, receiving adequate professional advice, and craft a personalized addiction treatment program that will be built around your needs and situation. This includes dual diagnosis screening for mental health issues. Around half of all people who have an addiction also have a mental disorder that is underlying and exacerbating the addiction. While you’re at our Kansas City addiction recovery clinic, the root cause of your addiction will be uncovered and you will receive the appropriate treatment.


You will also work through your problems in group therapy meetings. In these sessions, you will work to overcome your triggers, cravings, and temptations with the help of your peers. You will listen to their stories, share your adversities, and work to provide each other with helpful and insightful advice about where to go next in treatment as well as tactics to avoid triggers and handle cravings.


Finally, when you go to leave the New Path Behavioral Kansas drug rehab clinic, you will do so with the support and guidance of everyone you’ve met as well as the help from your customized recovery plan. You will never be on your own after you have been to our drug rehab. Having the right support and guidance will liberate you and help you through long-term recovery and healing. There is no reason to do this alone, call us today to set up an appointment at our addiction treatment center in Kansas City, Missouri. You won’t regret the day you changed everything forever. Come feel reborn. Come feel the support you deserve. Come change your life today.