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When your life is tossed around in the storm of drug addiction, getting to the port of sober living can sometimes seem like an impossible journey. No matter how grim your life of addiction seems, you can find your way to sobriety when you seek help from New Path Behavioral drug rehab centers. If you come to our addiction recovery facility in Tampa, Florida getting sober becomes a goal that is well within your reach. Read on to find out how we can help you conquer drug addiction.


Detoxing in Safety

Going through withdrawal is an unpleasant proposition when you are all alone. Without caregivers around you while you are detoxing, the desire to use again is simply too powerful to resist in most cases. With the support of the caring staff inside our Tampa addiction treatment center, you will enjoy supervised detox. Our staff closely supervises every aspect of your withdrawal from drugs, keeping you comfortable in the safety of our drug detox clinic.


Your Custom Recovery Experience

Our substance abuse treatment facility in Tampa offers you the opportunity to have a customized addiction recovery program. Our fantastic staff works to create for each one of our clients the best possible recovery program. We keep up-to-date with all the latest addiction treatment methods, offering our clients a variety of treatment methods they can use to find their way to a successful addiction recovery.


Dual Diagnosis Recovery Center

At our Tampa addiction treatment facility, New Path Behavioral provides clients with mental health treatment. There are many people who deal with a substance abuse problem on top of their mental illness, and they need a place where they can receive treatment for both conditions. The only way to stay sober for the long-term is for clients who need mental health treatment to receive it. You will have access to a full range of mental health and counseling services at our drug rehab clinic.


Safety in Rehab

A safe environment is one of the most crucial components of an addiction treatment facility. Inside our Tampa substance abuse treatment facility, the safety of our clients is always our primary concern. New Path Behavioral provides a safe environment where you can let your guard down. When you can do that, you can begin to heal by being honest about your experiences battling drug addiction. You can always count on feeling secure when you stay inside our addiction recovery center.


Extraordinary Group Therapy

Your group therapy sessions will form the backbone of your rehab experience at our Tampa addiction treatment center. In your group therapy sessions, you will mostly listen to the stories of addiction that your fellow group members tell. You will also share your own stories of drug abuse. By admitting your mistakes and being honest, you can grow and learn how to forgive yourself. This will allow you to find your way to a lasting recovery from drug addiction.


Aftercare Support

One of the most important times during your addiction recovery is when you leave our drug rehab facility in Tampa. The transition from rehab to your new life of sobriety on the outside is fraught with peril. There are all kinds of temptations waiting to ensnare you, and the stress of your life can easily lead to a relapse if you are not careful. If you want to avoid relapsing when you leave rehab, getting the support of one of our terrific aftercare programs make things a lot easier for you.


Life is full of endless opportunities, but you will never be able to pursue your dreams if you continue to let drug addiction stand in your way. When you come to the New Path Behavioral addiction recovery center in Tampa, Florida, you will find a place where getting sober no longer seems like an unattainable goal. You will find that staying sober is easier than you think when you go through rehab the right way. Come experience the ultimate rehab experience with us today.