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When deciding on an addiction recovery program, it is important to find a facility that provides different types of treatments. The New Path Behavioral addiction recovery center in Corona, California provides supervised detox, dual diagnosis mental health treatment, individualized treatment plans, aftercare options, and a safe environment for recovery.


Supervised Detox

Detox is the first step to successful rehabilitation in drug rehab centers. Many people attempt to detox at home, but this can be a dangerous prospect. To be successful in detox, clients need a supervised and tranquil environment. It can be dangerous to detox without supervision due to the physical and emotional effects of withdrawal. Oftentimes, clients attempt to get through the first hours of detox on their own, but soon realize that withdrawal symptoms are too overwhelming. This is when relapse or overdoses can occur. A supervised detox program allows clients to express their needs, fears, and emotions to our staff in a safe environment. Our support staff will monitor the detox process from beginning to end to provide necessary support throughout the process.


Dual Diagnosis Mental Health Treatment

Many clients have become addicted to drugs and alcohol due to self-medicating an underlying mental health issue. To be successful in eliminating a drug addiction, the coexisting mental health disorder must be addressed and treated properly. For example, many people have underlying issues with anxiety. Alcohol has been used by clients to alleviate this anxiety, and can create long term problems with addiction. In order to treat alcoholism, the underlying anxiety must also be addressed so that relapse will not occur. Underlying mental health issues are very common in clients with drug and alcohol abuse and must be treated concurrently for the best possible outcome.


Safe and Caring Environment

When choosing a substance abuse treatment facility, the safety and care the facility provides must be a top priority. Our Corona rehab facility provides a safe environment for clients to recover with staff specializing in every issue surrounding addiction. Our staff is specially trained to handle any safety issues that may arise in the addiction treatment facilities.


Recovery involves the entire drug rehab facility staff, as well as our other clients. Our addiction recovery facility in Corona is a community that works together with the goal of freedom from addiction. Clients support one another through the process. While working the program, emotions can run high. Having a support network of not only staff members, but other clients who are experiencing similar feelings is extremely helpful.


In order to be successful in combatting drug addiction, clients must be able to speak openly and honestly about their problems and challenges. Everything that happens during treatment is confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside the facility. Our safe, comfortable environment encourages participation in group and individual counseling. When clients are comfortable speaking honestly about their drug addictions, real success can be accomplished.


Individualized Treatment Plans

Recovery from addiction is a complicated process. Clients have unique needs and depending on their specific circumstances, different goals in recovery. What may work for some, will not work for all. Our facility creates individualized and unique treatment plans that cater to our clients’ needs.


What to Expect

Facing a drug or alcohol addiction can be an intimidating prospect for many clients. Knowing what to expect from entering an addiction treatment center helps lessen these fears.


The first step in any recovery program is entering a drug detox clinic. Clients have developed a physical and emotional dependence on drugs and the body needs to rid itself of the effects before real change can take place. Withdrawal symptoms vary from person to person, and our staff is specially trained to help clients through this phase of treatment.


Therapy is incorporated into our client’s’ treatment. When becoming newly sober, emotions are fresh and raw, and clients need to be able to talk about their feelings with others. For those who have depended on drugs for a long time, learning ways to cope with their feelings is imperative. The intense cravings that can occur require coping mechanisms so that clients do not return to the cycle of drug addiction. Both individual and group therapy is important so that clients have an outlet to discuss the issues they are facing.


Aftercare is an extremely important component of addiction recovery. Clients must learn to live in the outside world without returning to using drugs. There are many different types of aftercare that will vary depending on the needs of the client. Outpatient therapy is a crucial aspect of aftercare. Clients will continue to need a comfortable and safe environment to talk about any issues they may be having after they leave our facility. This therapy can be in many forms and will be tailored to the client’s needs. For some clients, instead of returning to their former environment, a period in a sober living home may be necessary. This is especially true for clients whose lives include other addicts or enablers who contributed to their addiction. A sober living atmosphere can be extremely helpful for those trying to get back on their feet after living with addiction. Living with other people committed to their sobriety is helpful for all clients in recovery.


The goal of New Path Behavioral drug rehab center in Corona, California is to help clients remain in recovery so that they can live a happy and healthy life. While all of our clients have different experiences and addictions, our facility is committed to helping our clients achieve their addiction recovery goals.